About Copper Moon

In the 80’s I saw my first Leonberger and it was love at first sight. From that day on, I knew that someday I would share my world with one of these amazing companions.  In 2012 I was finally able to start searching for my first Leonberger, and in the spring of 2013 was entrusted with my sweet, handsome boy Big Jake, Starhavens Magnus Jolo Amazigh, by Agi and Sean Hejja of Starhaven Kennel, starting one of the grandest adventures of my life! 

In 2014 I established Copper Moon Kennel to do my part to advocate for the Leonberger breed, with Lord Byron’s quote above epitomizing the quality of companion Leonbergers Copper Moon strives to promote: Loyalty, compassion, courage, dignity, strength and joy – these core qualities make the Leonberger unique.  They are more than guardian or protector, more than trusting and powerful companion, though they happily fulfill those roles.  But within their noble lion’s soul, they are also truly a thief of hearts and can only be fully happy when they are a complete part of their family.